Wednesday, March 7, 2012

{ Ol' Wild Bill Shell }

Probably the oldest (now retired) architecture professor at the University of Tennessee while I was attending, Bill Shell always had some crazy story going around about him. Some were too crazy to believe, like how his wife was a ballerina he left for a student of his, while others I later found out were true, like he was, in fact, building his dream home, by himself... basically with his bare hands. Oh yeah, and it is an entirely glass house. Then of course, I can't forget to mention he was a student of Mies van der Rohe, ya know, the less is more guy... Well yesterday, another interesting nod to ol' bill shell showed up on the interwebz... something I'm sure Shell isn't familiar with. Archdaily, posted Postcards from the Architect, a series done by Jody (a former UT grad - 1992 I think... and writer of Coffee with an Architect) and low and be hold, the first postcard was addressed to Bill Shell. I love the simple and yet snarky commentary on the picture. Enjoy! {via}

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