Wednesday, April 24, 2013

{ The Smithsonian is Not Amused }

Jenny Burrows and Matt Kappler teamed up to create “Historically Hardcore,” a super cute and seriously chuckle worthy set of ads for the Smithsonian that sort of shows up how not hardcore modern day rappers are compared to tall tales of historic figures. 
The ads are not official Smithsonian ads and the Smithsonian is not amused. Burrows writes that shortly after the ads went viral and she began receiving requests from local media outlets, she got in touch with the Smithsonian to make sure they were square.
Well, they were less than pleased about the attention the posters were getting and requested that I take them down immediately. Honestly, i don’t blame them. If someone put something out there with my name on it, I wouldn’t be too happy about it either, no matter how awesome it was.
I immediately complied, getting rid of any trace of the museum’s logo, name, and building on the posters and my portfolio site they were posted to. I’m not really one that goes around trying to piss people off. Especially government-run facilities.
What a shame that ol' stuffy (don't worry Smithsonian, I really do love ya) Museum didn't want any part of this cute portfolio exercise. It seems pretty effective and worth a good chuckle. {via}

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