Wednesday, July 10, 2013

{ Apparently Artists and Cats have a Bond }

While I'm no stranger to the benefits of having some great kitties. It's always nice to find others (artists I admire no less!) who share the same love for felines as me. Similar to the Freddie Mercury article, I'm in love with Dali and his beautiful Ocelot, and Warhol and his 25 kittens all named Sam.

The elusive, self-sustaining nature of the cat finds its human reflection best in the personality of the artist - as they often seek inspiration from their feline companions. similar to ancient egyptian culture - in the sense that they revered cats as borderline deities - cat domestication owed to the clear depictions of house cats in paintings from over 3,600 years ago. being viewed as both an object
of worship and an adored pet, the animals frequently were adorned with jeweled necklaces and gold earrings.

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