Tuesday, December 21, 2010

{ Head Thumping Vol.2 }

Remember Volume 1? well if not here's what's been thumping in my head lately...

Oh Land - a Copenhagen lady making beautiful electronic experimental music. Is it just me, or what is up with these fabulous foreign ladies rocking out? Think Robyn, Little Boots, and Lykke Li (maybe similar... the accent, the drum playing and even the cape)? Well, Oh Land isn't any different.. not that it's a bad thing, but I'm loving her live version of Son of a Gun, and the balloons and motion lighting is pretty rad too!

Broken Bells - James Mercers (of the Shins) and DJ Danger Mouse are pretty fabulous combination! In perfect Shins-esque fashion, the tune, October is haunting.

*sorry for the youtube vids. I don't yet have mp3's for these goodies. Enjoy!

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