Tuesday, December 21, 2010

{ Linxxx Luv }

and of course in my absence on the blog, I've collected a few really beautiful sites I'd love to share!

  • Saks in the City - Fashion blogs are a dime a dozen, but with Saks I found a real girl trying to make it in the really big city (Paris), and she is doing it all while looking great and sharing her secrets. I know, as I have never been petite in size, fashion and even just drooling over fashion is hard. There is never anything that fits just right, and while there have been great advances in the ...dare I say it... Plus Size World, It's still hard to find someone to really identify with, but Saks is great! wearing things I would wear, and not at all feel weird about wearing them.
  • Isle of Tune - a great little time waster. This site lets you make roads and houses and plant trees and lights in a city of your dreams, but to car driving music. wait.... does that make sense? It's like Sim city, but as you let your cars drive around it plays music based off where you placed your houses and stuff... It's really cute and fun! and I'm just loving the MJ Beat It city!
  • Google Body - Now you can be an anatomy perv! Google just recently launched Google Body! an 'Google Earth' for the body. I know I'm not the only one who zoomed in on the genital, right?
  • Missed Connections - You know those great posts on Craigslist, Missed Connections? Well this clever artist is making up some great illustrations to go along with those missed out love ones. 

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