Tuesday, February 22, 2011

{ Rain Barrel of Dia de los Muertos }

A typical Dia de los Muertos getup
So I've been dying to get back into painting, and what a better kickstart than a charity event... I mean, we all love to do good, right?  So I volunteered to paint a rain barrel for the Water Quality Forum via the Stormwater Matters group to benefit the town of Farragut (here's their handy Facebook page too!).  I've seen the previous years' barrel, and some are way cool, and figured this was a good gig to get into.

I've been sketching up some new directions to go in for my art, and I've really been fixated on my heritage... while, not Mexican (I'm Guatemalan + Spanish) I have found myself fixated on all things Dia de los Muertos related. These images done by Sylvia Ji (a Sexy Spanish modern day pinup painting meets Gustav Klimt) or even the fun t-shirt graphics by Mondo Guerra ... you know he was your fave last season on Project Runway... are the ones I keep finding myself coming back to. I've always been more of an illustrator, and I think it's time to take my findings on myself + culture (via my thesis in architecture) and love of graphics to the next media! so enjoy this Rain Barrel postings in the weeks to come! So far, I only have the base paint done, but weather permitting I want to make major headway tonight. And please any comments are always welx!

Mondo Guerra t-shirt graphic
Dia de los Muertos fashion - unsure of designer
Sylvia Ji painting
the simple red base coat

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Parci said...

Thanks for painting a rain barrel for the Water Quality Forum's Rainy Day Brush Off event. The Town of Farragut is a huge contributor to the program and we couldn't do it without Jason over there!

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