Tuesday, February 22, 2011

{ Didn't She Get the Memo? }

I guess she just couldn't stay away. A few months ago, I posted about a contest Matel hosted where fans could vote on Barbie's next career, and at the time Computer Engineer won out over Architect... but I guess she wasn't feelin' the whole computer crowd. While normally I find it awesome to have little girls aspire to be / do something other than being a model (or skank) or living off her rich husband, I don't think Barbie made the right career move by pursuing architecture. This is one of the worst times to enter this job market... while things are pointing to an economic upturn, still more of my friends (with architecture degrees) are unemployed than not, and have even gone back to school to avoid this dire time.  Plus what's up with all the color? I don't think Barbie, contrary to what the article says about working with architects, has ever visited a firm. It's pretty rare to find an architect with so much color in her wardrobe... but at least they got the thick rimmed glasses right.  {via}

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