Wednesday, January 18, 2012

{ I Knew She Looked Familiar }

LDR on left, Baker on right
Lana del Rey's SNL performace last week has been all the talk on the interwebz. Even Brian Williams had some choice words about her performance. Now I've been a fan of LDR since 2Pz posted Video Games, and have been starring anything new on the hypemachine. So needless to say I was psyched about her performing on SNL, but half way through the song, the boy and I had to change the channel. Not only was Daniel Radcliff less than stella but LDR was a let down.

But I digress... I keep tryin to place her 'look' and Saturday I figured it out! She's totally Ginny Baker (Andy's sister) from Sixteen Candles! Especially in that wedding dress! done and done. I knew I would get it!

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