Wednesday, January 18, 2012

{ The Day the Internet Goes Black }

If I could black out this blogger site, and also bring it back tomorrow I would. But apparently I'm too ditzy to figure it out, so I'm posting to encourage everyone to read up about SOPA (stop online piracy act), and contact your congressman. Wikipedia has set up a zip code search for your representative, in addition to blacking out. I do wish the major players had done more, but Google did post a censor bar, and Craigslist is down too.
Be sure to be informed, and realize what this means for you! {via}
and once you do, and this has seriously pissed you off, call your congressman click here

My letter to Congressman, John J. Duncan.
I doubt this will have any effect on you, or that you will actually read this, but I have voted for you since I have been able to vote. Your father worked closely with my father, even though my family is a strong democratic family, we've always liked you. PLEASE do not let SOPA pass. It is wrong and ruins everything that I love. you wouldn't like it if I ruined everything you loved? but I suppose you like money and that's why you are doing this. Please don't be a douche and vote no on SOPA. 

It's not much, but it's a start, and really that's all we can do.

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