Friday, February 3, 2012

{ Winx to Linx }

Synthesize by Anthony Neil Dart

  • Work from Anthony Neil Dart has been my latest graphic inspiration. It's a beautiful collage of information and text and imagery. Reminding me of Corner & MacClean beautiful landscape images, Dart's work uses images of beauty and limited color, but still very bold and capturing. Think Design Blog did a great interview with Dart, which worth filing away for a read of inspiration. {via}
  • While researching websites this week, I came across some beautiful examples, including this awesome full screen video website, Uniqlock. It might not seem like much, but the full screen/scaling site option is pretty new (to me) works beautifully in multiple sizes. And the super text graphics for the loading screen doesn't hurt either. 
  • Hot wheels on steroids - I was (and still am) a huge lover of slot cars and tracks. Having grown up with no brothers, my father treated me like the son he didn't have, so I had a few of these racing kits growing up (and still do!). But these tracks will blow any enthusiast away!  {via}
  • JCPenny's new logo screams America, but to me its more reminiscent of London's Mind the Gap campaign. I definitely see the market they were going after, but I'd have to say my verdicts still out on the revamp. What's your thoughts? {via}
  • I love bacon more than the average person, but I'm not so sure about this one. Bacon Flavored Diet Coke. {via}
  • Artist, Chad Wys new series, Nocturne and Process of Elimination series is total eye candy. Taking works of master paintings and leaving out gaping 'pieces of information' is great to see what conclusions or assumptions the mind recognizes and fills in. This is a beautiful way to revisit the classics. 

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