Wednesday, March 7, 2012

{ Now that's a candidate I can get behind }

Hank is in fact a cat. Yes, you heard me correct, a house cat, and he is running for Senate. After being overwhelmingly bombarded with incompotent candidates, Hank sort of makes sense... I mean why not? He's cute enough, and with the state politics are in, at least you  know what you are getting with Hank! Unfortunately Hank is not in my district, let alone my state, but I still enjoy looking at his kitty face.

Hank is a refreshing candidate - energetic, inspiring, and real. Unlike so many others, he wasn’t born with a “silver spoon” - but rather earned his success and his name through hard work. He knows what it’s like to have very little, and knows that with hard work and dedication anyone can seize the opportunities that this great nation presents all of us. {via}

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