Thursday, May 24, 2012

{ Margaux's Mix: New Lana del Rey }

When I first heard Video Games, almost a year ago, it was an instant head over heels love. Then as more and more media hype started up, I become somewhat disillusioned with Lana. Not that I was the backlash necessarily, but I was a little judgemental for the lizzy grant to lana del rey transformation. But after the album dropped, I figured, what's the big deal? I mean, lots of artists transform themselves, and even if her songs (on the album) are redundant sounding at times, they are catchy tunes. Her coo-ing and purrs solidified her persona, the gangsta nancy sinatra, for me. Then there was the SNL debactal, which was hard to watch, and supposedly was the reason she postponed her tour... So I guess I figured I wouldn't be hearing too much from Lana in the near future.

That brings me to what I found yesterday, a leaked track, Never Let You Go.  And that brought back that love of her easy, lounge, 60's influenced hipster rock. Maybe it's the guitar track that reminds me of All the Young Dudes, or the easy soft strings, or maybe even the lyric, "I could be your Nancy, You could be my Sid" But I just can't get enough of this track! Enjoy!

* if you are the artist of this song and wish for it to be removed please contact me. 


Emily said...

You are totally right this song is awesome sauce. I am totally obsessed with her lately!

Anonymous said...

Lana Del Fake is everything thats wrong with music these days! When I hear her I can't help but to hear little Hot Topic / Urban Outfitters kids yammering about how "Amazzing" she is .. Ugh she is such a poser! I'll take the original Nancy Sinatra any day I'd also take Mazy Star, Tori Amos and Fiona Apple from the 90's any day whom Lizzy Grant" clearly stole from right down to the mono tone vocals

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