Friday, July 12, 2013

{ Can I Just Live Here? }

As a new mom I'm sure I follow / subscribe to too many blogs and people about parenting (mostly cool things for kids), but today there was a post for these incredible outdoor play houses. Now my lil' man just has your standard run of the mill fischer price play house / slide combo (it was actually a craigslist find), so he doesn't need a new play house or anything, but the designer inside of me just SQUEELED when I saw these!

Meet the Illinois Play House from Smart Play house (appropriately named)! Smart Play House has tons of other great modern play houses, but isn't this Farnsworth House knock off the cutest? I'd totally live there (well if the darn thing was scaled up like 300%). I mean it's a straight up copy, but who hasn't copied this house (thinking of ol' PJ, and don't forget Bill Shell - ut arch knows what I'm saying).


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