Thursday, March 15, 2012

{ Brutalism Love }

Buzludzha Monument
It's no secret I'm a fan of Brutalism. Maybe it was the time I spent studying at the A+A building at University of Tennessee, or because my curriculum was heavy handed with masters like Louis Kahn or Le Corbusier (notre hero)... but the Buzludzha Monument is a Brutalist's dream! Looking like 3D model from a film, the now abandoned building is preserved only through memories and photographs. Timothy Allen trekked to the top of Bulgaria to visit the now weathered Communist's monument. I'm pretty sad this building is in disarray, but according to Allen this is why...

In September 2011, the Bulgarian cabinet transferred ownership of the monument to the Bulgarian Socialist party.Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Boyko Borisov declared, “We shall let them take care of it because here it also holds true that a party which does not respect its past and its symbols has no future”. They have still not come to an agreement about what to do with it. To date, every year at the end of July, 30-40,000 Bulgarian Socialists still congregate at Buzludzha to mark the founding of the Bulgarian Social-Democratic Party. 
Either way, what a spetacular building! Below are a few of my favorite pictures and be sure to check it out on googlemaps too... so surreal. {via}
approaching the monument

look how high up it is!

back in it's glory days...

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