Thursday, March 15, 2012

{ Type Hype: Handmade Type }

transformation of A to a
Yay for a well deserved Type Hype post! It's been a while since I've crushed on a type/font, but luckily Colossal is dishing out the eye candy today! I've always had a soft spot for process and transformation, and Tien Mao-Lien does not disappoint with her Handmade Type: a typography experiment. I mean, just look at all those .gif's! Love 'em!
Lien drew shapes with ink on one or both of my hands, manipulating my gestures into the corresponding shape to signify an upper-case letter. Then, using the same shape on my hands, I manipulated my gesture or changed the perspective through which the shape is viewed in orderto transform the upper-case letter to a lower-case of the same letter. Removingor redrawing the darkened shape on my hands is not allowed in the experiment. The only way to make the model transform from an upper-case to a lower-case (orvice versa) is changing the gestures or the perspectives. {via}

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