Friday, March 23, 2012

{ Olympics 2012: Deconstructing an Icon }

Now, I'm not the biggest Olympics fan... but really I guess I don't get 'into' too many sports, unless it's South American Futbol, aka soccer. But the nationalism, spectacle, and tradition of the Olympics usually wins me over enough to enjoy a few games. This year, I think I might be watching for another reason, the fashion! Stella McCartney (yes, the last name is familiar cause she is Paul McCartney's daughter) is one of my FAVORITE fashion designers, and as of late I've been on a project runway / sewing my lil'  butt off kick, so McCartney's collection for Team Great Britain was something for me to really get excited over! Primarily made up of a deconstructed icon, the Union Jack, was a fun, new, modern way to re-interrupt the team uniform. Made by Adidas, the kit supplies over 900 British athletes with a total of approximately 175,000 items of clothing during London 2012, talk about a big deal! 

Adidas UK Marketing Director Nick Craggs said: ‘All eyes will be on the British athletes when they take the stage at the Games, so we wanted to ensure that they would be the best equipped team through a combination of leading technologies including PowerWEB and Climacool and a unified and striking team identity.’ {via}

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