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{ Steampunk Party: Part 1 }

Entry way with Gift bags
A few weeks ago, we celebrated the lil' one's first birthday. It was such an acomplishment and I was one proud momma, yes for him, but also for us. The Loon + I didn't kill each other in our first year for caring for this lil' bug. Que the song. . . So we had a lot of celebrating to do. But all my previous experience in party throwing usually just results in getting a keg and setting up a beer pong table outside. This party had to be good, and hopefully Pinterest worthy. Well first things was first, I had to hire a photographer, ya know incase it was photograph worthy, and I really didn't want to miss a moment behind a camera or just not have any decent pics. Luckily Aperture Overture Photography was in my budget and had a good portfolio (and needless to say took some great pics).
Now the Loon and I went back and forth on themes for a while, but we finally settled on Steampunk, I think I updated you last on the Steampunk coloring books I was making for favors. Anyways, it's pretty hard to find inspiration or examples for a Steampunk party, much less something baby appropriate. I think we deviate a little but I hope you see the slight inspiration and enjoy the pics and how to links.

Entry way with Gift bags, which
contain the Steampunk Coloring books
chalk board + pinwheel detail

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The Kitchen was really where all the 'partying'... can you say that at a 1year old's party? ... was happening

The Drink Station

We had an Adult Orange Creamsicle Drink (and Wine of course!),
and the kiddies had a classic berry punch

The Orange Creamsicle Drink was:

  • 3 Fresh cut Naval Oranges
  • 1 750ml bottle of Smirnoff Vanilla Vodka (we like our drinks strong and serious)
  • 1 bottle of Simply Orange (no pulp but that's just me)
  • 1 2litre bottle of Ginger Ale (we had Big K - kroger brand) and just fill it up to the rest of the container with iceThis made 1.5 Gallons (that's the size jar I had)

The Berry Punch was:

  • a good handfull of blueberries and strawberries, slightly mushed up with my mortar and pestol 
  • 2 Qrt Container of Earthfare Brand Fruit Punch
  • 1 2litre bottle of Ginger Ale (we had Big K - kroger brand) and just fill it up to the rest of the container with ice
    This also made 1.5 Gallons (that's the size jar I had)
we also glued circle to the cups that read, Happy Birthday Donovan
and made foam mustaches and monocles 

A happy mustached party go-er!
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Here you can really see all the puffs in the background.
I made them from Dollar Store Tissue Paper and this tutorial
A happy cupcake eater and you can see the end of the balloons / photo
arrangement falling down...

I tried to attach pics of the babe throughout his first year to the balloons
over the table... it didn't turn out as great as this post, but it was still
fun to see all his lil' faces 
I also made all the bunting and garland from Hobby Lobby scrap book paper
They really had a great selection and I went on a day they all happened
to be marked down. Here you can also really see the puffs over his high chair.
The Food - I'll probably do a post on this next

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